VIA MARSEILLE FOS association innovante et unique en France basée à Marseille


photo (3)Two and a half years! That is how long it took to implement the French port reform. It is also how long we and our customers had to endure a tense climate of industrial relations as a result of the transition.

But like all trials, this one, too, had its benefits. It forced us to unite to build a solid, sustainable service offering and win back customer confidence..
Thus, in early 2012, all those wishing to give renewed dynamism to our port activities came together under the Via Marseille Fos banner.
The promotional activities we carry out therefore have the backing of the Port of Marseille-Fos (GPMM), the Marseille-Provence Chamber of Commerce (CCIMP), the Marseille-Fos Maritime and Waterway Shipping Association (UMF) and Marseille City Council.

The dockers of Fos and Marseille join us on our visits, to show their solidarity and reassure our customers.
With this association, we have built a unique, model initiative for the port community, and its positive effects are already being felt

The period of recovery came to an end in late 2013, and since then we have been riding the crest of a wave, with our sights set on northern Europe, whose natural port we are in no doubt is Marseille-Fos.

Hervé Balladur
Chairman, Via Marseille Fos